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Furkicks Elastic Hands-Free Leashes Kit


  • All in 1 Multifunctional Dog Leashs: Our multipurpose leashes enable you run, jog, walk or hike with your dog…HANDS FREE or HANDS ON! Also, it can be used as pet car safe belt.

  • Take Two Dogs Instead of Only One: We know you may have more than one dog, so that’s why we have included TWO leashes. One leash is retractable while the other is adjustable. This dog leash kit fits almost any dog (Max weight up to 150lbs).

  • Grand And go With A Relaxed, Secure Fit : The adjustable widened waist belt that makes a comfortable fit for broader waist sizes (fits 26.3″ to 43.3″ waist). We only use premium quality material that is durable and made to be long-last.

  • Two Bouns Pouches Included: Easy and convenient with 2 pocket compartments! Safely store and bring along your doggie bags and treats, also your essentials?

  • STAY SAFE AT NIGHT: Even when it gets dark outside using our pet accessory is made with luminous reflective stitching throughout for optimum visibility in the dark morning or at night.

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Dog Treat Pouch with Waste Bags Dispenser


  • EASILY STORES FOOD, TOYS & TREATS: The convenient, spacious drawstring is able to hold plenty of treats, accessories, and dog toys. The easy-to-clean, trendy bright green interior makes it easy to spot pet treats.

  • CONVENIENT WEARING OPTIONS: Clip the secure loop onto your belt, adjust the pouch’s belt to best fit your waist, or attach the bag’s strap and carry it over your shoulder.

  • WATERPROOF FABRIC & REFLECTIVE MARKINGS: Keep your bag dry through the rain with our waterproof fabric, and keep both you and your pet safe at night with the reflective line above the meshing.

  • BUILT-IN BAG DISPENSER: Keep your training session or daily walk tidy with quick, easy to remove waste bags from your built-in bag dispenser. Clean up and keep your day moving without a hitch.

  • STORE YOUR STUFF: The zippered pouch and mesh netting safely store your electronics, money or keys while taking that relaxing evening stroll with your doggy.

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Furkicks Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags for Outdoor

  • NEVER BREAK ANOTHER BAG: made with reinforced materials to keep everything inside. Premium bags are durable and strong, keeping your mind off what’s in your bag and back onto quality time with your pup.

  • UNMATCHED ODOR PROOFING: Other pet waste bags leave you with a smelly mess, but Furkicks odor-proof coating keeps your senses safe. Don’t worry about offending everyone around you—you and your pup smell like roses!

  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Don’t worry about polluting the environment—our bags are biodegradable and decompose in 18 months, unlike traditional plastic bags.

  • DON’T WASTE A SINGLE BAG: Our bag allows for dispensing and returning of bags with a quick, easy rotation. Keep everything in order and don’t worry about getting stuck or losing a bag.

  • STYLISH AND EFFECTIVE: The sturdy, stylish keychain clasp allows you to attach your bag dispenser to your belt, keychain, or even your dog’s leash for easy-access! Don’t worry about lugging around a bunch of bags or some unsightly contraption.

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Furkicks dog training collar


  • 2018 Exclusive Calling System – Perfect for out-of-doors training. Available with 6 voice commands (customized.) (Eg Commands. Shake Hand, Stand Up, Come Here and more) To play the customized voice command, just press 1-6 voice commands. Works best when used within 500 meters.

  • 3 Training Modes (Adjustable) – Static voice vibrations. In case of Vibration and static stimulation, it is customizable up to 3 levels. Shock setting is suggested as an emergency option. Shock should never be used for positive behavioral training.

  • Rechargeable and Adjustable Collar – Suitable for neck sizes 7 to 26 inches, from 10 to 100 lbs. The receiver and remote can be recharged. Recharging time is 3 hours. Both can be charged at the same time. Good for long duration fun training. Can be used for around 10 days.

  • Safe and Professional – Best suited for correcting the behavior of baby pets. Can be used to train for walking, barking control, sitting, aggressiveness and more. Option to revert voice, modal or volume. No requirement to adjust.

  • Guarantee – Contact us for any problem with the collar. We will gladly resolve the problem. 30 days money back warranty is available.

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Furkicks Dog Treat Pouch 1

Furkicks Dog Treat Pouch with Waste Bags Dispenser

This lightweight and efficient carrying pouch is a must
have whether you are a dog trainer or just a dog lover.

Furkicks Elastic Hands-Free Leashes Kit

Regardless of your lifestyle, choose the multifunctional dog leash that makes life fun…Not a chore for you while on the move with your favourite animal!

Furkicks dog leashes 1
Furkicks Dog Waste Bags 1

Furkicks Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags for Outdoor

A quick turn in either direction dispenses or returns a bag, saving
valuable time and getting you and your pup back on your way.

#Furkicks Dog Training Collar with 6 customized voice command, Perfect for your dogs