Furkicks Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags for Outdoor


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  • NEVER BREAK ANOTHER BAG: made with reinforced materials to keep everything inside. Premium bags are durable and strong, keeping your mind off what’s in your bag and back onto quality time with your pup.

  • UNMATCHED ODOR PROOFING: Other pet waste bags leave you with a smelly mess, but Furkicks odor-proof coating keeps your senses safe. Don’t worry about offending everyone around you—you and your pup smell like roses!

  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Don’t worry about polluting the environment—our bags are biodegradable and decompose in 18 months, unlike traditional plastic bags.

  • DON’T WASTE A SINGLE BAG: Our bag allows for dispensing and returning of bags with a quick, easy rotation. Keep everything in order and don’t worry about getting stuck or losing a bag.

  • STYLISH AND EFFECTIVE: The sturdy, stylish keychain clasp allows you to attach your bag dispenser to your belt, keychain, or even your dog’s leash for easy-access! Don’t worry about lugging around a bunch of bags or some unsightly contraption.

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Transform the box into a handy dispenser, providing quick access to rolls when you need them most.
Furkicks poop waste bags rolls fit perfectly in the Poop Bag Dispenser.
and we also provide the rubber rings for dispensing and returning spare bags.
All our cardboard cores and packaging are made from recyclable materials.

Look Great, Also Feel Great!
Furkicks know that you’re doing your part in preventing waste buildup with our biodegradable bags.
Save time and money by carrying your Furkicks Dog Poop Waste Bags & Dispenser on every walk
and clean up in seconds. A quick turn in either direction dispenses or returns a bag,
saving valuable time and getting you and your pup back on your way.

The Perfect Size!

Our large, durable bags are 9inch x 13inch,
making them the perfect size to get the job done,
allowing you to drop pet waste in without a struggle.
as each roll contains 15 bags and easily fits into your dispenser.
It’s easy to add a roll in moments and doesn’t require any special tools.

In The Box:
300 total bags (20 rolls, 15pcs/roll)

1 x Portable Bag Dispenser
1 x Instruction Manual
2 x Rubber Rings (For dispensing and returning spare bags)

Made with reinforced materials to keep everything inside!


41 reviews for Furkicks Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags for Outdoor

  1. Angel Waddell

    Can I just say how much I love these Furkicks dog waste bags. Generally I will just stick a plastic bag from a grocery in my pocket while walking my dog. I received 300 bags which breaks down to 20 rolls,15 pcs on each roll and a green dispenser that matches the color of the bags. I love that these bags are Eco-friendly biodegradable material and the bags will decompose in 18 mos. Relieves my guilt of using traditional plastic bags. The bags are large and thick. I have a small dog that tends to make big messes. The dispenser is a small size and easy to clip to my pocket loop or dog leash handle. 300 bags will last me a very long time and I will be gifting some of these to my eco friendly friends and their fur babies.

  2. Barbara Darden

    Seriously love these poop bags! They are so soft and they are also biodegradable, which is awesome! The bag dispenser is also really nice because you can never forget your poop bags again, I clipped mine right onto the leash. A 300 count box of poop bags for this price, is great! I would definitely recommend this purchase. It is weird to say that their are poop bags better than others, but honestly, these are better than others!

  3. Vicki Walker

    Having four dogs, I go through these bags quickly. I know this sounds like a lot of clean up bags, but if you use two bags a day, 300 will not even last six months. I compared these to some that I had gotten at a national pet store and they are the same size and actually feel a little thicker. It is nice having so many on hand as I do not run out as often. Make your dog happy by taking him for a walk; make your neighbors happy by cleaning up after your dog.

  4. Auti J.

    This is a fantastic deal for the price. I like that their line green, even in the bag dispenser matches. Much cuter than the normal fluorescent blue ones that you find at the dog park. The packaging is also really nicely done. This is going to look fantastic in the gift box that I’m giving to my friend who has a new baby puppy. Really good value for the price.

  5. rachel

    These are really good poop bags! The first thing I noticed is that the sticker that holds the roll shut, does not tear the bag when you pull it off. Sticker comes off really easy which is great. I also noticed the bags have a really soft/smooth texture which is very pleasant. They are unscented and definitely thicker than some other bags I have used and bonus, biodegradable! My dog is about 10 pounds so her poops are not very big, these are perfect for her but I think they would be good for bigger dogs as well, they seem very well made. Definitely a good buy for the price, you can not go wrong with these!

  6. Ana Ryan Smith

    OMG, this plastic bags are high quality! I love it, I am so glad I bought it. I love that it has a case where I can easily pull out a bag whenever my in laws’ dog go potty. You know what? I use this too as a bag for my daughter’s dirty diapers ?? . It is true in size and love its color. It very soft. Hghly recommendable!

  7. JJ

    great dog poo bags, my golden retriever is fat and can eat alot. and she poo alot. like 2 to 3 times a day. i have to use alot of these bags. they are small and can easy to carry around. i dont need to worry about forgetting her poo bags already i just attach this to her leash. great work. good quality

  8. Annette

    I love bright green so I thought, why not make picking up dog poop a little bit more exciting. These bags are biodegradable, which is important to me. I also like the holder they give you which conveniently clips into your leash. Sturdy and easy to use bags.

  9. David

    These are ready for the poop. What else can I say.They hold the poop. They are sturdy and don’t feel like they are going to tear when you use them.They come in a nice package. Almost looks like a store display!

  10. Maral Slaughter

    Good product. Bags are big and thick. There is nothing worse then a poop bag that rips. These are excellent quality. Bonus poop bag holder 🙂

  11. Sakier Y Noodleman

    I love these waste bags,the quality is good,and the price is better!much cheaper than the one I saw in store! I will buy this again!

  12. Katy Sweets

    Good thickness for poo bags. I go through when at events. The handy container is great to attach to the leash handle or belt loop.

  13. Elon

    Crazy value! So many bags for the price…They are fairly thick and very durable. Very satisfied.

  14. Tamm

    These are awesome, thick enough and they come with the nice bag holder. Will buy again!

  15. MOE M.

    These Biodegradable dogs poop bags are great for everyday use. We are very happy and the best of all they are biodegradable so they are good for the environment unlike the other plastic bags that end up in the landfill. Easy purchase, smooth transaction, great communication with seller. Highly recommend doing business with this seller.

  16. Robert D. Finkel

    Very good product.

  17. Muro

    They are good, the only issue is that they sometimes rip unevenly from the roll if you’re not careful.

  18. Shelley S

    These bags are the best! They sides don’t stick together so you aren’t fumbling to open the bag. I have already reordered. Thank you!

  19. Montgomereez

    I’m really glad we chose these. They’re not too thick… or too thin. They’re just the right size for our dog (12lbs).

  20. Debbie zupanovich

    Worked well.

  21. C Wallace

    Excellent quality and size.

  22. Nicole G.

    Good quality bags. Tear off easy and they’re pretty big.

  23. Kindle Customer

    Good size, strong, easy open even with gloves on which is great. It would be nice if the tear off perforations were clearly marked to make it easier to separate the bags.

  24. moldie

    solved a problem – love these bags – they are nice weight and don’t stick – life just got better

  25. R. Cross

    These are really great. Fully biodegradable/compostable, as opposed to most of your typical, green-colored dog poop bags. I wouldn’t buy anything else now.

  26. Kevin L.

    These waste bags are thinner compared to other brands that I have used. My favorite part of this product is the waste bag container. It comes with two pieces of what looks like earbud pieces to secure the bag from unraveling while pulling out a bag. The texture of the bag is slightly grippy where other brands have a very smooth texture which makes it hard to open. This grippy texture makes it very easy to open especially in the winter when I have gloves on. I will definitely buy these bags again once they run out.

  27. kalyson

    Bigger than many other brands – we have a small dog, though. I might look for larger bags for a very large dog, but for small to medium dogs these are great.We also like the fact that they are biodegradable.

  28. Anathy Construction LLC.

    These are a good buy for the price point and the bag is good a little thin for city concrete fearful of fingers but will handle it.

  29. austin_tx

    The bag holding device is very fragile. Already had to duct tape the dispenser together. Other than that the bags are great.

  30. Kriston

    Great quality and quantity for the price!! I walk my dog everyday and these have really came in handy!!

  31. Bill

    I could go around picking up my dog’s waste with grocery bags, but how can you care about animals and not care about the environment. These bags are biodegradable. While they are not free, like grocery bags, they are reasonably priced, and the right think to do. They also happen to be so well make that you can pick up some dog waste, tie the bag off, and put the bag in your jacket pocket till you get home without worrying about it. I’d never do that with a grocery bag! Seriously, who wants to walk around with a lease in one hand and a waste bag in the other if you don’t have to?

  32. shirley lee

    I have a pug who eats a lot. Which means she poops a lot too. It’s really good deal for this package.

  33. Misty

    2nd time ordering! Great affordable ?? bags!!

  34. AslansLucy

    These are very nice bags–the only suggestion I have is to have a “hole” where the next bag tears as others do–I usually have to tear these off in the dark, lol!

  35. DKG

    These are better than other waste bags. Easier to tear and feel more substantial. Once I get through the other ones I bought at the pet store, I will re-order these.

  36. Lisa Frincke

    I really like the bags. They’re bigger than ones I’ve purchased at places like Ross, Marshall’s, and Home Goods. It also has a soft feeling to them, not hard plastic like grocery store bags. This review loses a star because the holder does not work as advertised. I places the rubber stops inside and the bags do not “rewind” if you accidentally pulled too much out.

  37. Steve

    great size for small dogs; easy to carry as it attached to the leash, your belt, etc.

  38. elina pereira

    These are great bags. They don’t break and are also environmental friendly.

  39. Banijeet

    A little thin

  40. Nayeli gudina

    It holds a lot of waste. They seem cheep but honestly they can hold more than pet smart bags . I threw the bag with poop and it didn’t rip open where the pet smart bags do rip . Hope this helps .

  41. Amazon Customer

    Perfect little bags to clean out the litter box without having to use grocery bags and cluttering up the landfill!

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