Furkicks Elastic Hands-Free Leashes Kit


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  • All in 1 Multifunctional Dog Leashs: Our multipurpose leashes enable you run, jog, walk or hike with your dog…HANDS FREE or HANDS ON! Also, it can be used as pet car safe belt.

  • Take Two Dogs Instead of Only One: We know you may have more than one dog, so that’s why we have included TWO leashes. One leash is retractable while the other is adjustable. This dog leash kit fits almost any dog (Max weight up to 150lbs).

  • Grand And go With A Relaxed, Secure Fit : The adjustable widened waist belt that makes a comfortable fit for broader waist sizes (fits 26.3″ to 43.3″ waist). We only use premium quality material that is durable and made to be long-last.

  • Two Bouns Pouches Included: Easy and convenient with 2 pocket compartments! Safely store and bring along your doggie bags and treats, also your essentials?

  • STAY SAFE AT NIGHT: Even when it gets dark outside using our pet accessory is made with luminous reflective stitching throughout for optimum visibility in the dark morning or at night.

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REIDEA Dog Leashes

UPC: 865626000342

If you are an avid runner, our leash reduces shoulder & back pain so you can run with proper form. If you are an active mom, keep both hands on your stroller instead of having to hold a leash. If you are an adventure goer, manoeuvre through terrain easier with the built-in wait handle. If you are a city walker, adjust the harness to the length you desire. Run, jog, walk, hike, train with your dog to your heart’s content with our TWO hands free pet leashes.
Full Range, Full Control Comfortably
We’ve included dual soft-padded handles for an easy, convenient grip along with the built-in waist handle so that you can guide your dog without breaking stride. Maintain control with the collar’s handle to prevent the unanticipated dog fight.
Yup, You Get An Adjustable & A Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash But What Else?
We wanted to give you something more than just another dog leash. Therefore, we have included a BOUNS zippered pouch for keeping items like smartphones, keys & cards; a BONUS drawstring pouch for carrying items such as pet toys & treats; a BOUNS storage bag to store your leash when you are not using it.

Regardless Of Your Lifestyle, Choose The Multifunctional Dog Leash That Makes Life Fun…Not A Chore For You While On The Move With Your Favourite Animal!

REIDEA Dog Leashes

15 reviews for Furkicks Elastic Hands-Free Leashes Kit

  1. wendy olson

    Was so pleased with my purchase. It came with 2 leashes and 2 pouches. One for personal items and one I assume for dog waste bags. Can’t wait to hit the trails!

  2. Hoppycosh

    I love that this product comes w leashs. Also, the treat bag and cup holder is super convenient and awesome for longer walks and hikes with my pup!

  3. sku1111

    Very well designed, like the reflective material and the storage space for bags, treats and other items

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought it for our dog walkers use. We are all very pleased. Appears to be of quality. We will see how it survives our pit bulls pulling!

  5. Chris

    Fantastic deal! Includes 2 leashes, water bottle pouch, and cell phone pouch!

  6. Tony

    Nice very well made leash. Great for tying around your waist and running with dog. Works very well.

  7. MamaHayden

    This has come in quite handy having an active pup.. Love that it’s easy to use, and that it’s able to buckle her in the car.. Treat carrier is quite handy and being hands free while walking your kiddos is great!

  8. Christina S.

    ?I am very happy with this product. I ordered the Furkicks multi-functional hands free dog leash because my puppy Tanner is a very energetic husky pup. He is not well trained on the leash and when I want to take him on a walk with my small children it is very difficult to keep him under control and be able to hold their hands as well. Now with this belt I am able to take my kids for a walk, and hang onto my kids as needed at the same time. I love that this comes with the belt, two different styles of leashes, and 2 bags to keep my items I take with my like keys and cellphone as well as a water bottle all on one belt. I am even more pleased with the fact that this fits me a petite 120 lb woman AND my 6’3, 260 lb husband!!! Very nice!

  9. Stephanie Spurlock

    I bought this running leash for my fiance who goes running often. We have two large dogs and it is perfect for them. He loves to run and one of our dogs usually has issues running beside him and after using this leash for the first time he said worked awesome. And i love that it came with a bag to keep it in. I recommend!

  10. Supracouple

    This is a wonderful leash set! Works great for walking my frenchie! Love how it comes with different accessories!

  11. Ciked?

    I bought this for my brother who has a lab. It is perfect for running with a well behaved dog. It frees up both your hands. There is a pouch that you can keep treats or wallet and keys in. Another side that can easily carry water. The leash doubles as a car restraint system as well which is a nice bonus. The colors are bright and makes it a little more ideal for night jogging as well. The material feels good and strong.

  12. JJ

    i have a golden retriever, i need to buy new dog leash every year and i found out this dog leash package has its value. usually i paid almost the same price just for the collar and the leash but this package came with extra items such as the dog treat bag. the quality is similar to any dog leash i bought from Pet mart in the past. i give it a 5 star for the extra item it came with and the price.

  13. Dreamer

    This Leashes is best for dog . Easy to move and comfortable to be used .but it will more comfortable if it will more understandable. Over all nice one 🙂

  14. Eden

    Holy cow. Thiiiiis is life changing. My dogs are hyper hyper hyper! They are medium sized and they pull against me like cray regular dog leashes end up wrapped around my wrist and turning purple. This will help me train them to understand not to pull against me. I’m incredibly surprised with how well my dogs handled it.

  15. Kenneth Crow

    ?This Furkicks Multifunctional hands-free dog leashes are a great way to walk dogs. Allows you to run, jog or walk your dog or dogs either hands free or hands on. Can be used as a seat belt for them also. It has two leashes one is adjustable and other is retractable. The max weight is 150 lbs. The belt has two pockets. One I use for treats and other I use for a water bottle. This is a great way for both you and your dogs to get the exercise we all need. Love this product and have no complaints!

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