Dog Treat Pouch with Waste Bags Dispenser


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  • EASILY STORES FOOD, TOYS & TREATS: The convenient, spacious drawstring is able to hold plenty of treats, accessories, and dog toys. The easy-to-clean, trendy bright green interior makes it easy to spot pet treats.

  • CONVENIENT WEARING OPTIONS: Clip the secure loop onto your belt, adjust the pouch’s belt to best fit your waist, or attach the bag’s strap and carry it over your shoulder.

  • WATERPROOF FABRIC & REFLECTIVE MARKINGS: Keep your bag dry through the rain with our waterproof fabric, and keep both you and your pet safe at night with the reflective line above the meshing.

  • BUILT-IN BAG DISPENSER: Keep your training session or daily walk tidy with quick, easy to remove waste bags from your built-in bag dispenser. Clean up and keep your day moving without a hitch.

  • STORE YOUR STUFF: The zippered pouch and mesh netting safely store your electronics, money or keys while taking that relaxing evening stroll with your doggy.

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Furkicks Dog Treat Pouch


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Never run out of space with our treat bag!
This lightweight and efficient carrying pouch is a must have whether you are a dog trainer or just a dog lover.

We know that the secret to a happy pet is love, care, and affection—and you’ll be able to show your dog you care with your new treat pouch; we’ve designed the best pouch possible so that you can do just that!

Our Bag Features:

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50 reviews for Dog Treat Pouch with Waste Bags Dispenser

  1. Miscreation

    i love this bag. My sister teases me about it being my diaper bag for my furbaby. but I don’t care. I put more than just treats inside, it does have a drawstring top to keep it closed. a small front pocket with a zipper. I have a samsung note 4 and it fits with some room. the pocket for the bags only holds one roll of bags at a time, but you can stow another one somewhere if you want (i do). I don’t carry toys or anything but I do hook other things to the bag to help going out and to the park. The extra pockets in the front are very convenient too.

  2. Supracouple

    This is such a handy dog treat bag! I picked this bag to use when I take my frenchie to different events. It perfectly holds a collapsible cup and water bottle for him and then has the poopie bag holder. Extremely great item!

  3. Christina S.

    ?Very nice treat holder, dog poop bag dispenser, and anything else you may want to take holder! I love that it also works with my Furkicks hands free belt/leash! See the video review for details 🙂

  4. MamaHayden

    Perfect for training my pup! Easy to use, and made nicely. Holds just the right amount. Colors are somewhat neutral, but the bright green stands out.. which makes it easier to find in my book. Overall, great addition my training regime.

  5. Michele Edwards

    With a couple of alterations I give this 5 stars. Alterations: removed inner drawstring because I never do cartwheels when walking my dogs and it was just getting in my way; stitched up the top about an inch on either side, making the opening less wide but still more than wide enough for my hand, thereby removing the overly slouchy profile that just looked like a hot mess. The outside pocket fits a collapsible water bowl, yay!

  6. Meghan C. Katowitz

    I really like this pouch. It is really great for storing stuff for walks. You can fit your treats in it easily with room for more.

  7. Tony

    Nice little pouch here, very well made! Comes with shoulder clip for carrying, and has a drawstring on the inside part. Very nice!

  8. Tirsea

    GREAT item for price. Works well and lets me train my dog hands free. Just what I was looking for and needed for training.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for my trainingtreats! Very handy to keep treats coming when my dog obeys a command. Shipped quickly too! Thanks.

  10. Dmoney

    Love this little bag! It’s so cute and very convenient to have on me during training classes!

  11. Misty

    Great bag for training. I am able to carry all of the things that I need to take to our training classes. I have a place for my phone and car keys. I am able to put a water bottle, treats and a toy for my puppy in it.

  12. Mike Descoteaux

    This is an AWESOME pouch. Really well thought out, quality materials, comfortable to walk with (I walked 2 miles today without any issues). Can’t beat the price.

  13. Susan Miner

    Just as described…plenty of room for treats, cell phone& poop bags! Nice & strong.

  14. Kevin

    This bag is very large. If you are a dog trainer on a regular basis this might be to large for you. If you are a dog owner that goes on outings and need to pack a bottle of water, tennis ball and such, this is a great bag.

  15. Margaret Elisabeth

    Great treat bag. Just as advertised! I have used it several times now. My roommate saw it and now she wants one! Good price.A great choice.

  16. HA

    Great product! I use it for dog treats and peanuts to feed the squirrels at the park. My car keys fit nicely too, cell phone gets a little heavy. Good dimensions, maybe 8″x8″

  17. jmam54

    Very handy but bigger than what I expected.

  18. Chava Litowsky

    Belt should be able to be larger – some of us are bigger people. If the pouch would be larger to accommodate a large bottle of water also.

  19. Auti J.

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this bag. It’s really well-made. The belt clip is super super dirty and you don’t even need to use the belt loops or the waist strap that came with it and less you wanted to. It’s a good size and holds any type of treat you would want for dog training. For comparative scale: you could easily fit two cans of soda in this thing. It also squash is flat so you could keep it tucked in your glove box and always have it when you need it at the dog park. Really nice!

  20. SB

    Great bag! Can wear it multiple ways… Has poo bag dispenser (bags not included) … Easy reach compartment… And zippered compartment in addition to the area where you keep the treats. It’s fairly large treat opening so if you have bigger hands you can still get the treats. I have used this a few times and I’m impressed.

  21. Heather Jones

    This dog treat pouch with waste bags dispenser makes it so much easier to carry everything your dog will need when you go for a walk, to the park, on a trip or anywhere you go. I took my dog to the park and was able to carry his treats, toys, poop bags and a bottle of water for him every where we went and it wasn’t a hassle. It really does make it so much easier on you. I will be taking this bag with me from now on and would recommend it to anyone!

  22. Maisy

    Wow these bags are the perfect companion.The hold all my items for the dog park. Bag is deep inside and pockets are wide. Thanks & I will buy again.

  23. Marruca R.

    This is more like a lunch pail. Lol i was very impressed with the quality but i will say i did not receive any bags.

  24. Kaylyn Manning

    Small enough to hang on your hip but big enough to carry all you need for training. It was perfect to take for a puppy training class and so handy!

  25. Debbie zupanovich

    Very convenient accessory.

  26. Jennifer

    Great value perfect for puppy school

  27. rebecca


  28. IM

    Very good dog pouch.My hubs uses it and loves it.

  29. Jenny Bradford

    Good quality. Big enough for toys, treats, and other things.

  30. Angemamma

    Perfect size! Great for those walking and training their dogs.

  31. Kim T.

    I finally have a great dog treat pouch. I have tried others and this is perfect for my needs. My hand fits easily even with mittens on, it has a poop bag pouch, nice convenience and the pocket actually fits my phone. I love that I can wear it as a crossbody instead of having to put it around my waist. Awesome!


    Love that is roomy and can hold my iPhone 8, Keys, money. Love the two ring holders and mesh pocket. Love that it has two belt loops to ensure the pouch doesn’t move around as you walk. I’m a dog trainer and I love it. Wish it came in other colors especially pink.

  33. momof3

    Excellent quality. I like that there;s a lot of room for treat or even a favorite toy, plus to still be able to have the bad storage with easy dispensing.

  34. Jeanne Ward

    My Daughter is a Junior Handler with her new Dachshund puppy. She LOVES this pouch. She uses the belt sometimes and the strap other times and likes the options.

  35. seanna

    This is a great size for a treat dispenser. I use it with my dog all the time. If I could change anything, I would make a removeable liner (I use a ziplock but that’s an additional liner and make extra pockets.

  36. Ricky

    I love how big is the bag. I can fit my keys, phone, treats, and extra leash. I enjoy the opportunities to put the bag around my waist or simply as a bag around my shoulder. Great deal for the price!

  37. Ashley S.

    Got this when we got our puppy. Works great. Holds her treats, toys, whistle, leash, collar, and her collapsible water dish.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Love this pouch. I use it for carrying my dogs’ used poop bags while on walks and in-between receptacles, not for training purposes.

  39. Scott H

    Wonderful treat bag, love the there options on how you can carry it (over the shoulder, around the waist, clipped to pants. I also love the extra pouches to store a clicker and/or HVT (high value treats). The added poop bag part is awesome as well. Highly recommend!

  40. M. T.

    This pouch is just the right size and I like the pocket for the poop bags. I use it as a cross body and it’s working well.

  41. Maggie

    This is a really nice treat pouch and the fact that has a waste disposal baggie holder built into it is awesome. It is also great and sporty looking. It is a little larger than I actually wanted but I am sure I will end up filling it up. You can put treats into the outside netting pouch or inside. Plenty room to store cell phone, wallet, sun glasses or sun block and water.

  42. Floyd

    This dog treat pouch works perfectly for me. I wear it over my shoulder for easy access, using the long strap. The treats are easy to grab, whether I pour them into the pouch or leave them in their original bag in the pouch. And I never worry about forgetting poop bags, which are automatically carried in their special holder. Thank you for a great tool.

  43. Amazon Customer

    The pouch works great! It stays in place even when attached to the waistband of yoga pants, without pulling. The multiple pockets keep everything separated so I don’t have to have my treats mixed with my phone and/or keys. It keeps my keys separate from my phone (so, no scratching). Much easier to grab treats from the pouch than from my pocket, because only the treats are in the treat partition. Highly recommend this product as it has made walking the dog without the need for a purse, other bag or even pockets, super easy.

  44. Klynurban

    can wear on a belt, also comes with a mesh type belt and a handle that will go over your shoulder, the bag is nicely lined and big enough to hold treets has a nice pull string close also has outside pockets where I can keep my ID and keys so no need for a purse when using.

  45. Katy

    Perfect for when on walks. I can fit treats and a small toy while carrying ID and keys. Use it every time I go for a walk now

  46. Supracouple

    This is such a handy dog treat bag! I picked this bag to use when I take my frenchie to different events. It perfectly holds a collapsible cup and water bottle for him and then has the poopie bag holder. Extremely great item!

  47. PRichter

    This is a great bags for any pet owner. Plenty of Room for Treats in the outside zipper, a toy in the mesh pocket. The two different straps for wearing around your waist, or shoulder. The back has belt loops, as well as a clip to attach to one’s self.The center compartment has enough room for a collapsable bowl, (for water) as well as extra bags, extra treats, etc… I love this bag! I don’t think any pet owner could go wrong with this bag. I totally recommend it.

  48. Kenneth Crow

    This is a great dog treat pouch. It is water proof. This bag can be worn three different ways. It has a metal clip that can be clipped to your belt. Or could be worn around the shoulders. Also can be worn around the waist with the belt. Has a clicker ring to attach your keys. Also has a very handy poop bag dispenser. It works great when carrying my dogs to the park. Holds all the things I need in one great bag.

  49. Mike

    This dog treat pouch is perfect for taking my dog for a walk. It has a separate pouch for doggie baggies and a pull out part so you can reach for a bag without opening the pouch. Several treats fit in the bag.

  50. Sheryl F.

    Having my dog I one hand and my crutch in the other makes getting treats for training from a fanny pack was difficult. Oh, this pouch made it so much easier! Some people scared my dog (and me) by sneaking up behind him and scratching his back. He became very uncomfortable in store trying to watch out for people in front, beside, or behind him. Thus the need for ore training. The mouth of this pouch stay open for easy access. Reinforcement is much smoother withou fumbling to get into a fanny pack. It has a zippered pocket for id and money. It also provides easy access to poop bags.

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