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  • 2018 Exclusive Calling System – Perfect for out-of-doors training. Available with 6 voice commands (customized.) (Eg Commands. Shake Hand, Stand Up, Come Here and more) To play the customized voice command, just press 1-6 voice commands. Works best when used within 500 meters.

  • 3 Training Modes (Adjustable) – Static voice vibrations. In case of Vibration and static stimulation, it is customizable up to 3 levels. Shock setting is suggested as an emergency option. Shock should never be used for positive behavioral training.

  • Rechargeable and Adjustable Collar – Suitable for neck sizes 7 to 26 inches, from 10 to 100 lbs. The receiver and remote can be recharged. Recharging time is 3 hours. Both can be charged at the same time. Good for long duration fun training. Can be used for around 10 days.

  • Safe and Professional – Best suited for correcting the behavior of baby pets. Can be used to train for walking, barking control, sitting, aggressiveness and more. Option to revert voice, modal or volume. No requirement to adjust.

  • Guarantee – Contact us for any problem with the collar. We will gladly resolve the problem. 30 days money back warranty is available.

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Enjoy an innovative way to develop communication with your dog with this specialized Furkicks remote calling system. The system is available with 6 effective and customized voice commands. There are two traditional training modes – the static and vibration mode. To get started, just press the 1-6 voice buttons. It works best within 500 meters. Since your dog is well accustomed to your voice, you will be able to train your dog successfully and safely. This is the best way to correct your dog behavior which includes digging and barking. This works best for obedience training. With its easy design and convenience, the process of training is easy, stress-free and painless.

Training Collar Need

Are you facing the following problems with your dog?

  • Sudden running away
  • Chasing cars
  • Barking too much
  • Biting different items in the house, especially shoes
  • Peeing right in the middle of the road

The Furkicks dog training collar is what you need! This is the excellent way to tackle all the above problems, in an easy, enjoyable and safe way.

Furkicks Collar – Best Features:

This is a complete package of one collar and remote transmitter which can control as many as two collars. Buy additional collars separately.

  • Training System – Remote Calling Training System
  • Mode – Training mode is voice-vibrations-static
  • Voice Recording – Customized voice commands for voice recording. No requirement of repeating training words.
  • Number of Commands – 6 voice commands
  • Customized – 3 levels of customization for vibration and static stimulation
  • Batteries – Rechargeable lithium batteries for remote transmitter and collar receiver
  • Adjustable collar – Suitable for neck sizes 7 to 26 inches, from 10 to 100 lbs
  • Range – Suitable within 500m or 545 yards
  • Water Resistance – Yes
  • Save Power – Unique power saving design. Automatic standby to save energy.
  • Emergency – Shock setting highly recommended for emergencies

Package Contents:

– 1 x Transmitter

– 1 x Receiver

– 1 x Nylon Belt

– 1 x Charging Cable

– 1 x Charger


  1. Reading the user manual before use is highly recommended. Ensure that the collar fits your dog correctly.
  2. If the collar is used for a long time, it can lead to skin damage. Do not use the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours.
  3. If there is a need to use the collar for long, keep repositioning it every 1 – 2 hours.
  4. Shock is usually not recommended until there is an emergency. To warn your dog, you should use a low level.

Method of Use: (Check the user manual for more details)

  1. Charge the receiver and remote.
  2. Once charged, turn ON the receiver and the remote.
  3. Record. You can now customize all commands as per requirements.
  4. Fit this training collar.
  5. Check for the appropriate stimulation level of your pet.

11 reviews for Furkicks dog training collar

  1. Patricia

    I brought this to train my 20wk old dog to understand right and wrong, works perfectly anytime I put it on him he knows to behave and now all I need to do is say his name and he stops!

  2. Vickie

    I am very pleased with this training collar. My dog is already trained on these type collars, but out last one broke. It is so nice to be able to let her off lead and have her roam safely so she can just be a dog. I really like that it has a vibration mode to give her that subtle warning to proceed with caution. I hate having to shock her the first time. I have not yet figured out the voice mode yet, but I am anxious to try it out. The fact that it is waterproof was the selling point for me! She is a lab and we love taking her to the local park pond and letting her swim freely. Overall very satisfied!

  3. Sharon

    I bought this for my son, who has an 8 month old pit. He called raving about this collar.In his words…”Thanks for the Command Collar Mom!!! Titan has learned the pre-recorded sounds and is reacting to the vibrations and no longer needs shock. The voice commands are very useful when he begins to wander a little too far from home. The battery life is great. It stays on for 2 days, sometimes longer, in standby mode to preserve energy.”

  4. Ashley

    Our shock training collar recently died and I have been looking for a replacement one but didn’t want to spend a ton of money. This one was affordable and just as nice quality as the expensive $120 one that I had previously, if not nicer. You can record up to 6 voice commands on this and each has its own button. The collar fit my 95 lb German Shepherd female nicely. The collar and remote are both rechargeable. No more buying tons of those hearing aid batteries. Solid product for a nice price point.

  5. clare leblanc

    I really like this training collar. I use it on my small dog and my husbands lab that he uses for hunting. I love the voice commands that work really well on my small dog. Very easy to use and it’s waterproof!

  6. Tammy

    This item is wonderful. I use it on my small dog. It records my voice and is very durable. I recommend this product

  7. mark cox

    Maybe it’s juat because he is stubborn I am not sure but the Vibrate will not phase him. He shakes his head and will continue his bad behavior. However it works great for my lab. Just a tiny vibrate and it will stop him in his path.

  8. misty vinglas

    love it so much .

  9. Brooke Deshotel

    Really great collar. Like it alot!

  10. Renee Willis

    easy to use ,like more .

  11. Marisela

    This item is very useful, my puppy already knows that when I put on him to behave. He’s already trained and it took me less than a week to train him. I definitely recommend this product if you struggle with your dogs at home. I am happy mom

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